Nature has a rhythm, a systematic pattern of season that is ritualistic in organic form. Ritual itself mimics nature in its pattern and repetitive ceremony of season. Nature is also a direct connection to Spirit, either in the woods, along a stream, by the ocean or in an open field with blue sky above, God is present everywhere and our sense of limitation or finite experience is released into a feeling of freedom in the depths of a natural setting. What I see in nature, or anyplace else for that fact, is a reflection of what is within me and I recognize It. The Beauty, the Freedom and the Love that I see in nature is a mirror to my soul and recognition that within myself is a unique landscape that is of the Oneness of Spirit, the Greater Landscape of All, God.     Jeff Schlicht, RScP

“The moment you begin to live in and through the word of God by making it a conscious part of your daily activity, your life begins to change.”

Joel Goldsmith,  The Altitude of Prayer



10 Ideas for Life



10 Ideas for Life


  • It is the healing energy of life
  • Often we hold onto being right – rather than let Love flow

#2 – TRUST GOD’S IN (inside everything)

  • God is the Manifest Universe
  • Eternally present in, through, and as all

#3 – HONOR THE SACRED (rituals)

  • Rituals point to the meaning and sacredness of life
  • All life is sacred


  • Be real about what it taking place in your life
  • What is real for you?


  • Books/classes/workshops open the door to truth
  • But the answer is ultimately found within (the Seeker is the Ego)


  • All forms of Life are God expressing
  • We don’t get mad at a flower for being a flower – let people be who they are

#7 – LAUGH

  • Sacred does not mean Serious
  • Laughing at our challenges or the paradoxes in life keeps things in perspective

#8 – STOP THINKING (start being)

  • Thinking – is doing. While the mind is a great tool, it is not creative
  • Egoic thinking is a barrier to Truth/God


  • The Truth Teacher Adyashanti says we “hide behind time”
  • Now is the time to step into the changes that are calling you.

#10 – IT’S OKAY TO BE YOU (know thyself)

  • You might as well be you – everyone else is taken
  • Others might not “get you” but God “gets you”


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The Presence

“The secret of harmonious living is the development of spiritual consciousness. In that consciousness, fear and anxiety disappear, and life becomes meaningful and fulfillment as its keynote.”Joel Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence 

There is a simple Truth of God and that God is present always without exception. Practicing the Presence is as easy as this principle and can be done anytime. Practice is just a place card, a bookmark of remembering or recognition of life as Spirit that can be done anytime anywhere. I stop one activity during my day and bless Its passing while then recognizing my next activity as just as blessed knowing God is ever present and I am never alone. Simplicity for me of just the act of recognizing God in my simplest of activities or beauty exercises my God eye, mind, to have the awareness or consciousness of God always everywhere as my life and in each activity as well as the activity itself. Today I simplify and just breathe in knowing that I am the Love God is and exhale relaxing into the knowingness that I am never alone, the simplicity of breath becomes my reminder of God.  Jeff Schlicht, RScP

Practicing the Presence

The Circle is Complete

The Circle is Complete

Earnest Holmes from Science of Mind

“The Circle of Love is complete.

It comprehends all, includes all, and binds all together with cords of Everlasting Unity.

I cannot depart from It’s Presence nor wander from It’s care.

My Love is complete within me.

My love of God binds me to Itself, and will not let me go.

I shall make a home for you, O my wonderful Love, and we shall journey through life hand in hand.

I shall sit in your Presence and learn the wondrous things You will tell me;

For you are God.

Love sits with me.”


There is no End

There is no end but many transitions. Our body is a vessel that houses our soul to be used, personalized and express the One Life in as and through us. When by age, accident or illness we shed our now human form we step into our next adventure as One of God, transitioning to the next place to expand and express our souls individualize expression of Spirit. We never leave God, our individualized soul as the One, just forward moving to expand and fulfill Diving Unfoldment. Our life as the One Life, Eternal and Infinite, continuously expanding is the expression of God always.

~ Jeff Schlicht, RScP


Infinite Flow

If there is not enough love in your life, it is only because you are not loving enough, and that means that you are not tapping into the infinite source of love within your own being. Let that love flow out: Love this world; love the sun, the moon, and the stars; love the planets and the flowers; love all the people. Let the love flow. That love which flows out from the infinite storehouse within you will be the bread of life which will come back to you.

Joel Goldsmith

Practicing the Presence


The Practice of Grace

Ritual is a practice or rhythm or pattern of life. Grace is a living connection to the Christ Consciousness within ourselves in all we are, all we do and all we express. The conscious practice od Grace is a ritual in and of itself that can become second nature as an individualized expression of who we are as we live our daily lives as an extension of the One Life.


“Grace is the givingness of Spirit to Its Creation and is not a special law, but a specialized one. In other words, Grace is, but we need to recognize it. It is not something God imposed upon us, but is the logical result of the correct acceptance of life and of a correct relationship to Spirit.”

Ernest Holmes

Science of Mind