A Simple Prayer

This Sunday I challenged us to take up the 90 Day Prayer Challenge offered in our book of the month, “Multiply Your Blessings”. Our talks from each Sunday are posted online each Monday afternoon for you to listen to if you would like, but here is the gist of the process I shared for creating a simply three step prayer. Tomorrow I’ll post the process for partnering in prayer as well.

Three Step Prayer Process:

  1. What is the Name I give to the Infinite Source? This may change over time. What is the name that I like to use to speak of God? Linked here is a list of 88 names that Ernest Holmes uses in the first chapters of the Science of Mind (complements of Rev. Kimberly)
  2. Where does It dwell in relationship to Me? Spirit is not a concept we learn, but a relationship we have. This step identifies the relationship, such as “Within and around me”, “as me”, “indwelling me”, “moving as me”.
  3. What is my Heart’s desire that It creates for me NOW?
    The invitation in this step is to not limit ourselves by what we think is possible, but to go for the Heart – the BOLD projection for our life! “A fabulous job”, “freedom”, “resolution”, “creative flow”, “clarity of purpose”. There is no right or wrong here . Declare what you want!

Putting these all together now, you have your prayer!

Divine Love, moving as me, creates harmony in my relationships NOW.

“The Infinite One, indwelling me, expresses as abundance in my checkbook.

Spirit, in through and as me, inspires my actions today.

Remember. Prayer does not change God’s mind, it changes ours! Create your prayer, let it morph each day as you say it if it wants to, and allow it to change you into the person that accepts their good!

You are Precious.
You are Awesome.

Dr. Kristin


3 thoughts on “A Simple Prayer

  1. Rev, thank you. Today was day 1 of the 90-day Prayer Practice that I’ve set an intention for myself. I expect juicy miracles! Yahoo! Love you 🙂

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